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car repair based at 540 Oster Lane, Concord, Vaughan, ON L4K 2B9

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Categories Car repair
Address 540 Oster Lane
ON L4K 2B9
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Phone +1 905-660-7200

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  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ By Mark Muscat
    December 01, 2017
    A year ago I took my truck in to replace the starter! After truck was repaired, and paid him in full I drove for about 2 -3weeks. After one morning I started my truck and I heard a loud noise. Following that a leak of transmission fluid. I called pacific and vine to check my truck and see what the problem was.
     The owner of Pacific and vine garage, Orlando Diotalevi went under the truck to diagnose the leak. Tells me that the starter came  loose! I asked Did you tighten the starter? So I crawl below my vehicle and I see the starter completely loose and hitting my transmission lines! 
    I said to him This is why my transmission lines are leaking, it's totally rubbing and slamming against the lines. He started to deny it! First excuse was that the leak is coming from the transmission to engine seal! Then He says that the lines are rusty! As I got upset and confrontyed him He decided to drive my truck of his lot! Tells me Mr muscat I'm not fixing your truck ,if you come back I will call the police! I had to go to a diffrent mechhanic that day inform me that the starter was installed incorrectly and this cause a chain reaction mechanical failure of my truck costing me over $5500 not to mention loss of work and a huge amount of stress
     After one year I brought this business to court and i have a judgment for an amount below $5,500.00. Pacific and vine still fails to pay the damages

    Stay away from this garage

     Good day to you all
    Mark Muscat
How would you rate Pacific & Vine Garage Ltd?

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Pacific & Vine Garage Ltd is a car repair based in Vaughan, Ontario. Pacific & Vine Garage Ltd is located at 540 Oster Lane, Concord.

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